Avast SecureLine Review 2020: Is Avast VPN Good and Safe?

99/year for Mac or Windows, $19. Based on our experiences, we discover whether the VPN service scores well compared to other VPN services. If you want to proceed with the installation, you will have to accept the end user license agreement. However, Avast’s support library can be a bit confusing, as it covers all of Avast’s products and services, so search results need to be read carefully. During my testing of the locations for streaming, this issue happened roughly once every hour. While this feature does cost extra, it pairs with the VPN so not only will you be protected from online attacks, but your devices will be safe from any malware or virus infections.

  • With DNS leak protection, the user can easily bypass the geo restrictions without exposing the actual device location.
  • It did NOT contain any viruses.
  • People who download the content from torrent sites will be pleased to know that the site does support torrenting on some services.

Some complaints mentioned have been about their complicated customer service system which has been set up as an online forum. How to unblock and watch ifollow matches in the uk, when it comes to value IPVanish is hard to beat. On the other hand, VPN services are always working to ensure that they provide Netflix unblocking feature to their users, so maybe you would be able to enjoy Netflix with Avast VPN Netflix in the future. The client uses its own notification system rather than the native Windows desktop method, and its pop-ups grab the window focus.

Unfortunately, the service will slow down your device a little bit.

For Those Who Want Online Freedom

It offers the most basic VPN features, like a simple pull-down menu to choose a server or automatically connect to one and language options. Dit is op zich een aantrekkelijke aanbieding mocht je voornemens zijn deze VPN service aan te schaffen. But before looking at security more, there are a couple other disadvantages to touch on. With that information at hand you should be equipped to make an informed buying decision that you won’t regret. Avast doesn’t give you too many technical choices, which is why it could be a great start for a beginner but certainly won’t impress a VPN enthusiast. Secondly, there’s no point in going that extra length, as you’ll find the best deals on Avast’s website. Use it to hide and anonymize your banking logins, chats, emails and payments. Well, the speed level is quite high but, if you don’t use servers for unblocking streaming video services.

A family with two Windows PCs, a Mac, and various iOS and Android devices would pay at least $120 per year for SecureLine VPN. After searching for Avast VPN on Reddit, most of the reviews I came across were “negative”. Among their small number of server location, only a handful of countries have servers in more than one city with the highest number located in the US – 16 cities. 99 per year and a smartphone subscription costs $19. SecureLine doesn't include an ad blocker, but Avast does provide a feature called AntiTrack Premium through their antivirus suite.

The server selection menu is simple and intuitive. They have a decent (if only Anti-Virus focused) knowledgebase. As you can imagine, copyright holders and Internet Service Providers don’t appreciate such activities. The price policy it offers is the most confusing one in the market. Products, of course, you may be breaking local laws just by using a VPN. In the end, we couldn’t ask our questions to Avast’s customer service. It is the best blend of speed and security when it comes to protocols. Time to establish a connection (seconds) Avg. It also automatically updates all apps to ensure that they are patched with the latest security updates.

  • This section will tell you more about Avast SecureLine’s servers and server locations.
  • As for TOR, customer support mentioned the VPN is not compatible with it.
  • Traffic data Unlimited Net type Private Encryption Military 256 bit Server switches Unlimited Servers 27 IP address n/a Protocols OpenVPN (UDP) Supported devices Windows, Mac, iOS, Android OpenVPN support Support for SSL-based OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit data encryption.

Avast SecureLine VPN: What’s In It For You?

That said, if Avast can fix these problems quickly then they have a very competitive and user-friendly option on the VPN market. Avast VPN does offer P2P servers for Torrenting. Moreover, there’s no need to register, let alone give away your credit card information to use it. While this VPN is a step in the right direction for Avast, the reviews on the quality of the service have been conflicting. Actually, it’s impossible to judge as an individual since any experience you have may be anecdotal. Also, the data is erased every 30 days. There's no control over protocol settings, no support for other protocols, no kill switch, no custom leak protection technologies or other privacy-related extras.

Gebruiken van Avast Secureline

WHY SHOULD YOU USE AVAST SECURELINE VPN? Speed is no doubt one of the biggest selling point for Avast VPN service. It is very easy to use and highly secure. Speed and stability are almost as important as security and privacy. So in a layman terms we can say that the Avast VPN is the buffer in between the outer world and your sensitive data that you store within your device. Here is the screenshot:

The software works by creating a secure connection to the internet through another PC.

The VPN Avast SecureLine in details

Similar to other VPNs, SecureLine works by making the user appear in a different place via changing the users IP address, bypassing internet censorship for the country the user is in or Wi-Fi the user is using. When connected to a media server, we were able to achieve download speeds as high as 168 Mbps using our 1 Gbps connection. But, as most other best free VPN services; Avast Secureline does limit your speeds and options. It’s not a part of any international intelligence-gathering organizations, but it does cooperate with the Five Eyes agreement countries. There is no way to speak to an agent over the phone or web chat, so all you can do is provide some information about your problem through the ticket system and wait for a response. However, there are a lot of people who buy a VPN specifically for that purpose.

This way the users can have most of their devices covered under the VPN umbrella. 9 Mbps correspondingly. You can use Secureline to secure your connection when you’re using public WiFi, so that you don’t have to worry that the network operator – or another user – is spying and collecting sensitive data. But it comes up short of the best VPNs thanks to an expensive and inflexible pricing plan and unimpressive server infrastructure. All other settings can be found with a click of the Menu button – not that there are many of them. For a mobile device, Avast secures one Android, iPhone, or iPad device for $19.

Speed And Performance

Indeed, you can see the options icon on the bottom right of the client. The company’s website has a well-organized help section that can answer most common questions that you might have. Apart from the pricing plans, Avast doesn’t provide many payment options either. 59 pm UK (Wonderland) 11. Publisher info, vPN installation & setup, configuration, maintenance should be simple and easy. Indeed, below is the client.

Servers that support P2P file sharing are clearly marked on the server selection screen in the app, so it’s easy to figure out which server to connect to.

SecureLine server locations

These prices are only dependent on the number and kind of devices you wish to protect. For the pricing, you do not get access to a ton of features, like you would with Surfshark, Ivacy, or ExpressVPN. A VPN is a “Virtual Private Network”, and helps protect your privacy and enhance your security when you’re online, as well as tunnel through to sites that have been blocked. They also offer various safety features to protect your activities from detection or from being accidentally exposed.

Netflix will try to block all VPN traffic, even if you just want to access local shows. 99 per year or $2. In our Avast Secure VPN review, I found out that it gets better.

Having said that, we would still prefer a live chat implemented on the official website and we certainly hope Avast will offer this functionality in the future. So, Avast SecureLine VPN reliably protects its users’ IP addresses and DNS queries. Best runner-up vpn read expressvpn review, well, the London Metropolitan Police may disagree on that one, though. Well, you can save a lot of money by using the app for Windows. The accepted payment methods include credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and PayPal.

Do they respect the privacy of customers?


In my opinion, it’s a serious flaw in the company’s policy even if it is caused by the legislation of Avast’s jurisdiction. Unfortunately not. Norton secure vpn, it doesn't place restrictions on browsing habits, so users benefit from unlimited traffic and bandwidth. After looking at a number of factors, we do not recommend Avast SecureLine.

The service provides needs to provide more options to the user, be it in the protocols or the customization options.

Suppose you are on a network where OpenVPN is actively blocked, you can't use Avast Secureline VPN. Now that we’ve discussed its Pros and Cons, it’s time to test the performance of Avast VPN. The official Avast website specifically says that they keep no sort of logs and that they don’t keep track of your online activity. They should also be mindful of the potential new techniques that can be employed to compromise the user’s data. In this review of Avast Secureline VPN we will share our experience with the speed of this VPN service.

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This makes it an excellent solution for online gamers and for those of you who want to watch Netflix or other streaming services anonymously, safely and to unlock geoblocked video content. Legal, i ranked each of my recommendations according to the compromise they offer between free data and other features. 99 on a 1-Year Plan Servers 55 Servers in 34 Countries Logs Stores Connection Logs Encryption AES-256-GCM/AES-256-CBC Unblocks Netflix No Torrenting Yes Works in China No Recommended No Website https: But they log your connection data:

Once secured, your communications are impossible to spy on. This will not be a problem for most people, as you can easily make a VPN connection. Furthermore, it is possible to take out a subscription to Avast SecureLine VPN for 1, 2 and 3 years. The service is too expensive especially compared to other apps on the market that have more features such as kill switch. Location and jurisdiction: So, if you are not sure about purchasing any of Avast SecureLine VPN’s paid plans, you can try their ‘all features included’ 7-day trial for free. What can be done about it? There are plenty of third parties that are interested in your online activities.

Then read our full review. The software can also detect weaknesses in the Wi-Fi and local networks. The service provides a combination of high speed and a massive server network with dedicated servers. There are a number of cheaper VPNs that offer improved customization, improved privacy, and better security and allow you to connect multiple devices to the VPN simultaneously, like NordVPN and Surfshark. Hence be aware what you’re getting and carrying out on your PC. When you look at their list of servers, you will see an anonymous server that is called Gotham City. Their simple interface lets you connect to your chosen server with the click of a button, and you can even have the app try to find the most optimal server location based on your current location.

User-friendly interface – Can even the most non-technical person use this VPN?

But unlike Avast, they would not state it openly in their Privacy Policy. However, advanced users may find the barebones app to be a little restrictive. Besides, some rivaling products do offer a 100% free version of their Virtual Private Networks. What do we get by installing Avast VPN? After years of foolishly running my online business via public WiFi, I decided to start using a VPN to secure my communications (and access a bit of out of market sporting events while traveling).

1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years 1 Month $5.

Avast VPN: Features and Opportunities

Every section has a small arrow you can click to read more detailed information. However, it is my tests when trying to connect to streaming services were very poor. 99 for one device. Anyway, I will only talk about the VPN client and its features. “Network security” is where you’ll find the option to activate the killswitch, which blocks internet access if the VPN disconnects to ensure your privacy is maintained. Our speed dropped from 60 Mbits to 30 Mbits. Moreover, even the manual setting, when you can choose by yourself all the necessary VPN parameters, is not available. What advantages does Avast VPN have for torrenting?

Hopefully, the following explanations will help you to understand better what this product is all about and whether it will be a good pick for your OS or not. Go to personal privacy settings to turn off analytics data sharing. With a single account, you are able to install software on five devices simultaneously. 88 per year or $2.

Conclusion server network Avast SecureLine

You can submit a ticket, but don’t expect to get a swift answer, as the provider claims to answer users’ queries within two business days typically. But in reality, the service cannot be accessed from some regions. Het verbinden van de app en het instellen de software heeft simpelweg een heel anders gevoel dan de computer software. Navigation, this increases your connection speed slightly, but it also uses twice as much WiFi and cellular data. Consumers also aren't used to paying large, up-front costs for internet services, making these annual fees look less attractive than flexible monthly plans. 3 Mbps (drop-off 99%) Ping: However, SecureLine only offers nineteen countries in their server list.

Whereas you could only use Avast SecureLine on your Windows PC in the past, you can now use it on pretty much any device, since compatibility has been expanded to every operating system. How do I get rid of Avast SecureLine VPN? In other words, Avast SecureLine says that they don’t make their users completely anonymous, at least not to the company itself. So, if you are in China or intending to travel to the region, the best thing is to search for a VPN that works in that part of the world because as it stands now, there is no way you use Avast in China. Firstly, the company proposes double-quick servers. For a mobile device or desktop, you will have to pay $79.

Can I use SecureLine for torrenting?

Plus, you can use it to watch Netflix, download torrents, and share files via a Peer-to-Peer connection. For example, Avast SecureLine VPN for one PC for one year will cost $59. If you're not willing to pay up right away, SecureLine has a seven-day free trial period that is mercifully ad-free and mostly free of irritating upsell reminders. If online anonymity is your absolute priority, look for a service that keeps no logs and allows payment via Bitcoin. When it comes to data retention, Avast’s privacy policy states that the company will keep your billing data to comply with any legal obligations and serve its legitimate interests.

Who would be enthusiastic about the adversaries operating by means of public Wi‑Fi(sniffers, evil twin, sidejacking), advertisers monitoring your activity on the Internet and continuous content blocking for this or that country? Once installed you will see a Connect button, and each option comes with easy to understand captions which will explain its functionality to novices. The software uses 256-bit AES encryption with the OpenVPN protocol on UDP, and DoILeak. Also, the pricing for the different products and services can be quite confusing. Our mission, in many cases, these fakes have the wrong URL, but, again, most users simply don’t pay attention to that. Three PCs cost $69. As privacy buffs, for us this is a no-no. I’ve heard that Avast’s VPN is reasonably fast, but not the fastest, so I decided to test it. The service offers only one protocol to the user.

It offers impressive speeds, but its lack of too many features, as well as the fact that the pricing is quite complicated and that it doesn’t provide VPN for routers, makes it a less preferred and recommended VPN service than some of the other feature-packed VPN services we have tested. Well, we’ll see about that. Instead, I recommend Editors' Choice winner NordVPN, which offers a powerful yet friendly product, and co-winner Private Internet Access, which has the most robust VPN collection of VPN servers I've yet reviewed. 04 Mbps Upload Speeds: We found the support responsive, polite and helpful; the response to one query was a little short on detail, telling us basic instructions on which locations to use for P2P, but not the best way to access them.

Previous Leaks

The first thing i should mention is about its simplicity and user friendliness. If you want to secure more than phones and PCs, other VPNs have you covered. Everything about this VPN is simple and straightforward. In principle you don't want to notice that you use a VPN connection to browse the internet. And if you made a mistake, you can get your money back for 30 days! You can now see information such as your connection time, real IP address, your location and your IP address as it appears to others.

With rare exception, using a VPN will slow down your internet connection. The company is rapidly developing. Https proxy, as you'd expect, there are catches, and they typically start with a data cap. We will discuss more about these options in the next section.