List of 10 Best Free VPN Chrome Extensions to Use in 2020

There are a ton of features and it will take an article of its own to describe everything that MailButler has to offer. You see, ZenMate works on the ‘lure them in’ principle, meaning when you sign up you automatically start off on their premium service. Surfshark is a regular occurrence on our lists, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the fact that the VPN is definitely one of the top solutions on the market at the moment, regardless of what you use it for. This extension is not quite rich with locations but it provides a fast connection with several locations. ExpressVPN’s browser extension recently passed an audit by a third-party cybersecurity firm and all the code is now open source.

Speaking of locations, DotVPN offers you a choice of a dozen virtual locations, including Canada, Japan, Sweden, the US, and the UK. Best of all, you can try the full package risk-free for 30 days. Airtight security is essential in a VPN for Google Chrome. • VPN for Windows.

SaferVPN This VPN’s Chrome extension acts as a HTTPS proxy and is easy to use.

Protection When You Need It

Server-wise, NordVPN is one of the leading names in the VPN market, which means that you get access to high-quality servers all over the world. Good on privacy and they retain no internet browsing logs. Still, it's fast and works well at getting to the point. Aside from that, PureVPN offers a robust WebRTC leak protection feature, and the option to select the country of your choice. This means that they only affect traffic passing through the browser itself.

If somehow you are still not using a password manager, I would suggest that you should do it right now. Based on all these factors, we picked out best five Chrome VPN extensions that you can use. • Absolute Anonymity: Only the strongest encryption is used across a selection of VPN protocols. ExpressVPN unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and most other popular streaming services. Also, a user while being connected to this VPN extension experiences a user-friendly and straight forward service. The same thing doesn’t hold true for free VPNs, which most often have limited security features to cut costs. Has permanent free accounts, paid subscriptions start at $12.

  • You can log in if you have an account or you can sign up for free.
  • You might think that VPNs are slow and resource hungry but VPNs these days are much better than they have ever been.
  • Try these free proxy servers to view the web the way you want.
  • ExpressVPN gives users a quality Chrome browser extension, although it only works alongside the full Windows or iOS versions of the app.
  • This feature is optional, which makes sense if you are a web app developer and you do not want the extension to interfere with your code.

Best VPNs for Google Chrome

It has limited virtual locations but it works nicely without any issue. Ensure that the sites you no longer want to visit—or even see in search results—are blacklisted from Google searches forever. In addition to native apps, many VPN providers these days also make browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Price wise, Hotspot Shield can be expensive if you opt for the monthly plan. Some of my favorite themes include dark theme for Quora, minimalist theme for Facebook, and Game of Thrones theme for Reddit. However, the service has an impressive zero-logs policy that means you don’t need to worry about your browsing activities.

VPNs make geographic barriers irrelevant by their ability to connect users to strategically located servers that can pass through uninhibited. Why is the software program still available?, the guidelines for usage are provided within the program and the software can be unlocked using the licensed key. If you use a VPN extension that offers the HTTPS protocol, that’s basically SSL-level encryption. NordVPN’s proxy extension offers the ultimate combination of freedom and privacy. It is not impossible, though, which is why it’s always better to use protocols that encrypt data from end to end–such as HTTPS–even when using a VPN. PureVPN provides you complete safety and anonymity on the internet.

Download the Best VPN Addon for Mozilla Firefox

99 a month billed annually. The zero-logs policy is a nice touch. Q: what is the best free vpn for android? Some VPNs may have unseemly practices, if not outright unsafe ones. Apart from the excellent privacy-focused core features, NordVPN’s CyberSec feature is an absolute peace of mind to have. To make the list, we first went to the Chrome Web store and searched for VPNs, to see what the top rated options were. But for a family looking for group protection, it is quite amazing. Alas, there is no way you can choose a specific connection country with the free version. User-friendly Chrome extension and apps for all operating systems.

Not, anymore after reading the above points. If you’re traveling to China and use Gmail, it’s nearly impossible to do your job while traveling. Free vpn software for google chrome users, browse anything from anywhere without leaving your trace as this VPN client will provide you with absolute privacy while browsing the web inside your Windows desktop PC. Betternet limits you to one free US virtual location, so it can unblock some websites available in the US but nothing else.

You can choose your server by clicking on the one you’re connected to. At this rate, this is one of the best VPN for Google Chrome. One such option is to add a VPN extension so that you're further protected from threats and the risks associated with your ISP potentially spying on what you're doing. This extension gives you full access to everything you like about Google Calendar from your Chrome toolbar, plus multiple methods of adding calendar events, such as right-clicking on a webpage to add it like an appointment. Nord’s CyberSec feature comes built into both the extension and the app to block ads, trackers, and malware. 99 (roughly Rs. )


In addition to securing your connection, a VPN browser extension will mask your IP location and allow you to view geoblocked content and bypass censorship from anywhere in the world. ZenMate being a German company has a strict law for no-log policy. Zenmate VPN allows you to access blocked sites and content for which they provide location switches. Pocket (now owned by Mozilla, the makers of Firefox) is all about letting you read content you find.

And even if you’re doing torrents, your actual traffic will be VPN. The app is available for $2. Social media, i couldn’t see the premium plan in the app until I turned off my ad blockers (Privacy Badger and ABP). DotVPN is another excellent VPN chrome extension that is applicable in both free and paid formats.

Extra features in Chrome VPNs

Additionally, it’s also possible to use this mini-panel to switch between Light and Dark themes. Our third option, gives you a choice of a free browser extension or a full-fledged, subscription-based stand-alone client application with far more features than the Chrome extension. They do warn you upfront that “this browser plugin is not secure when accessing Flash content and does not protect you from webRTC leaks. TunnelBear promises not to log any of your data, and it does this with a lot of style. Don't waste time fishing it out. Does your vpn work with bittorrent clients?, well, my dear friends, I would say that there is no combination of ‘free’ and ‘best’ when considering VPNs. And most of the extensions don't create real VPN connections.

You can disable Chrome's Safe Browsing and autofill features, whitelist websites and even fool tracking cookies with bogus IP addresses. Collects connection logs but not traffic or IP addresses Connection Speed: There are thousands of reasons which forced me to write about the privacy issues with Chrome. It’s the best way to remind of what needs to be done. When that happens, Windscribe flicks itself on automatically to get you access, choosing the appropriate server location to get you access. And we often see the same methods based on IP addresses, URLs or protocols.

As long as you keep browsing its pages, your connection remains secured–as depicted by the Hola icon that has been replaced by a flag of the country where you’re connected–but as soon as you navigate to another site, you revert back to an unsecured connection. What’s the difference between Browser VPN Extension and Desktop VPN? Don't type so much. This helps strip the junk out of the net before it reaches you but may also result in some strange looking web pages (sometimes). Pros:, switzerland is also outside the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance, so they are unlikely to bend to demands from your country of origin. Response times are around 24-hours for email, and there is no live chat support. 99 per month or $9. Struggles with uptime and distant servers do display a noticeable lag. Turbo VPN, DotVPN, Hola … None of these browser plugins are real VPNs.

Download the Best VPN Extension for Google Chrome

Free users are also limited to VPN servers in only 10 countries, as opposed to the nearly 60 countries paid users get. Why a VPN Extension for Google Chrome? With powerful servers at 10 virtual locations, it works with a promise to unblock anything and everything for you. Amount of servers, we detected no such problem with the newer IKEv2 client, but it is somewhat lacking in features. Windscribe’s Chrome extension also blocks adds and removes trackers, including social media widgets.

This can sometimes mess with add-ons and extensions, which is why VPN developers must also keep up with these updates and make sure that their products still work as intended. StayFocusd is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that helps you stay focused on work by restricting the amount of time you can spend on time-wasting websites. Have a need for speed? CyberGhost VPN Can Unblock: Whatever works best to keep you away will be used the most, until you're barely visiting those sites at all. 5 Features 10 Speed and Performance 10 Value for money 9. Windscribe is an up-and-coming VPN provider from Canada. There are two ways that a VPN can be implemented and the best way is through an application that is installed on the computer’s drive.

A VPN lets you bypass all these restrictions by sending all your traffic to the IP address of the VPN server rather than to a blocked IP address. It also makes every phone number you see on a website clickable for calling (if it's not a link, highlight and select use the pop-up menu when you right click to call). How do I use a VPN for Chrome? Start FREE With Windscribe! For extra security, there’s also an Onion Over VPN feature that will allow you to easily connect to the Onion network. Payment related (1), per-app VPN isn't supported on IKEv2. Therefore, either you are an IT expert or beginner you can use this entirely free VPN conveniently because it doesn’t need any technical expertise to run Setup VPN. More than 100 are available around the world.

Chrome Extensions For Gmail Productivity

It automatically connects you to the nearest and fasted server. 99 a month or $5. However, it has some privacy issues but is good for commercial purposes. At the same time, the users are free to use the split tunneling feature to protect only the browser traffic. It can search the open tabs and sort them by domain, title, or creation time. It’s a country that’s not known for its tolerant attitude to VPNs. Free accounts are free forever, paid accounts start at $9. Ipvanish vpn, 100% Free for everyday use – Enjoy browsing the unlocked web experience without restrictions. As a decent alternative to Hotspot Shield and ZenMate, SaferVPN is a good choice.

The key remains the same: It's been an up and down few years for Google's Chrome web browser. All browsers are prone to security risk, the only difference being to what degree. ExpressVPN is my top selection for Chrome thanks to its fast and secure connections, great content-unblocking ability and excellent Chrome browser extension. 99 and 14-day money-back guarantee. 323 per month. Looking for the premium version?, while the technical aspects of VPNs are quite complicated, modern VPN apps for Android make this network technology accessible to everyone. You can connect to servers in ten countries with a free account: In fact, there’s very little you can manipulate in the app.

This just means that as you browse, Chrome is deleting your browsing history and then wiping cookies that are accumulated during that session, once you close that window. InvisibleHand automatically scours the web for lower prices. A little bit of your own legwork is still recommended, but with a pool of over 600 retailers in multiple countries (US, UK, and Germany, specifically), it's a great tool that works not only with online stores, but also with airlines. First, they do it based on destination IP address. In addition, their security features can’t match those of the premium VPN services. Top VPN service providers such as ExpressVPN and Nord have dedicated VPN extensions for Chrome, allowing you to keep your browsing safe, secure and anonymous.

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You’ll also be able to connect up to five devices with one account at the same time. Companies that provide free services must make up for the revenue somehow. Your traffic looks like it’s coming from somewhere else entirely. The free version of Windscribe can’t unblock Netflix. DotVPN is a VPN with unlimited bandwidth and permanent free plan. Start FREE With hide. Customize all the options to get full coverage with Click&Clean.

ZenMate is another good VPN extension for Chrome which offers a free unlimited plan for a lifetime. If you need a VPN in your work or daily life, you may consider a professional VPN service provider. 49/month One-year plan: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, and routers. Just in case you use some other VPN extensions for Chrome that deserve a mention on this, do let us know in the comment section. Windscribe also boasts a verifiable no-logs policy. Make them awesome by annotating them with shapes, arrows, and text comments.

There’s also a no-logging policy to keep your privacy secure. Honey is the best Chrome extension for users who want to save both money and time. The full version, with alerts and site-blocking features and the ability to measure things you do while away from the computer, costs $9 per month or $72 per year.

Chrome Extensions For Media Creation

One of the great things about the browser is that you can easily customise it and add extensions to personalise your experience. This VPN unlike the other free VPN services claims a clear no-log policy for its customers and allows you anonymous web browsing. If you’re doing a lot of unblocking, or you want to unblock sites that are particularly VPN-proof, go with a paid VPN. Unlike most premium VPN services, TunnelBear has a free account with a data limit instead of a time limit. Moreover, Hotspot Shield is completely free to download for PC or browsers to keep your information private, avoid censorship, gain high-level security and get access to your favourite content on the web.